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Studio 'The Church' is an inspiring, full-service recording studio where respected Dutch producer and film composer Reyn, and the artists he works with, raise music to a religion.

Elegant Design

Build inside a de-consecrated 16th century church, The Church is a fully equiped, professional recording facility that blends a peaceful and inspiring setting with cutting-edge technology and acoustic design - and even place to stay while you are recording.

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The studio is both muse and instrument - helping creat an ideal atmosphere where musicians can find the peace and the tools they need to make magic happen.

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The Netherlands

The Church is located near Amsterdam, roughly 45 minutes from Schiphol Airport.

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For Rent

While The Church is primarely reserved for Reyn and the roster of national and international artists he works with, the studio can be rented when it isn't in use.

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Here is a selection of Reyn's work.


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    Laurent Manganas @ Un Plan Simple
    1 rue Meyerbeer 75009 PARIS

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    + 33 (0) 623 15 13 42

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